I don’t know why but I really love watching Broadway musicals especially Miss Saigon, Les Miserables and Allegiance 🙂 . I love singing all the songs and I hope I can sing in broadway  one day hehe 😀


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  1. I really love musicals too. I even saw a show on Broadway and even saw a show in London. I saw Les Mis in London and Wicked on Broadway. I love musicals due to just how unique, joyful, and emotional they are. Its a wonderful world of spectacle, dance, incredible storylines and characters and songs.


    1. JenoKeno says:

      Yes broadway musicals is so unique… the sad thing about it is that I did not watch it but I hope i may be able to watch it live 🙂


      1. I grew up going to the theatre with my family. Due to being exposed to them at such a young age and still seeing them to this day is a big reason why I am a massive fan. I am still impressed by the capability musicals bring


      2. JenoKeno says:

        Thats wonderful… when i grow up i want to be part of a broadway musicals hehe


      3. I am not aiming to be a musical theatre actress, but am aiming to open up a theatre where the homeless are involved. I do have a deep connection to those living in poverty and it is a passion of mine to help those in need. But then there is my passion of musicals


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