Awesome day πŸ˜€ of mine

I was walking in the lovers lane when suddenly I saw my crush sitting at the benches. I tried to walk closer and closer and say Hi but I was so nervous, (I was shaking and sweating ). When I was about to go and say Hi, I stared at that person while smiling and my crush smiled back and I said Hi, how’s your day going, you know just casual talk and then we talked like 6 minutes or so and I was having the best time of my life . My service called that they are waiting for me but I wanted to spend time with my crush more, but I can’t because they are only waiting for me and I was a little bit sad. I bid farewell to my crush sadly and when suddenly my crush holds my hand and I hold on for about 5 seconds.(I was blushing) and I bid my final farewell but my crush insisted to walk me at my sevrice, I whispered yes and my crush heard it and we walked for about good 2 minutes and talk for Β bit and when we are almost at my service my crush bid farewell and said to me to take care and I said “the same to you and thank you for walking me here”. My crush said “no problem” and we go on our seperate ways. I returned home smiling and still in love β™‘


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